Make a Pledge to Save

By pledging to save water, you will join the thousands of likeminded students dedicated to protecting the environment.

Even the smallest changes can save huge amounts of water! So why not pledge to save today? It's easy, smart, and the Earth will thank you.

Got a Pledge Idea? Let us know!

Take Short Showers, Not Baths

Taking a shower instead of filling a bathtub saves 50 gallons of fresh water. To save even more water, keep your shower under 5 minutes to save
2,304 gallons per year!

Brush with the Tap Off

Just by turning off the tap while you brush your teeth, you can save up to 8 gallons of water! That adds up to more than
2400 gallons per year

Saver Nozzles on Hoses

Using a Water Saver nozzle on your garden hose when washing a car can save over
12 gallons per minute
from being wasted!

Fix Leaky Faucets

Ask a parent/guardian to help you find leaks in your home. A leaky toilet can waste
200 gallons per day

Plant Only Water Friendly Plants

Filling your garden with plants that require less water, survive in Summer-Dry climates, and fit your area's ecosystem will save water and make your neighborhood beautiful!